Winter Hydration

24 Dec

I have been going for a lot of walks lately and have noticed that it is easy to recognized thirst and the need for hydration when the weather outside is hot, but not as easy when it is cold.  Winter activities are just as dehydrating and we should be on guard against the body’s water loss.

The winter the colder conditions make it harder to recognize thirst. It’s hard to take a long drink of cold water in cold weather – brain freeze!, it seems our brains just don’t make hydration a priority as much as in summer.

Make your liquid refreshment more appealing by warming it up. Fill your water bottle with warm water in the morning and again in the afternoon when out for a day long excursion. You will drink more and feel warmer if your water is well above freezing.

Does anyone else have anything to add?  If so, I would be happy for you input!

Carry a vacuum (Thermos) bottle with you on the coldest days. This will keep soup or sports drinks hot all day and make winter activities more enjoyable.  In addition to carrying water, make sure to drink an additional quantity at lunch. Hold off on the caffeine and alcohol — they are diuretics and will remove water from your system.


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